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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The day at the Trento Flea Market with Milly Sorrentino

My name is Milly and I'm the owner of "Мilly S vintage & collection" (millyscollection). I have always admired antiques and collectibles and I would love to share with you the best finds that I discovered during my weekly visits to Italian flea markets, brocantes or antique shops in Italy, France and Austria.

Today I would like to show you one of my favorite places to visit, a Trento Flea Market.

Trento Flea Market is open on second Saturday each month. Market is located in the heart of the city and spreads out on several streets and in a small public garden near the main market square.

Trento is an Italian city in the Adige River valley, Trentino-Alto Adige / Südtirol/South Tirol. It is the capital of Trentino Area.

Trento is close to the mountains and forest so vintage and antique finds from wood aren't unusual in this market.

Wooden things are in fashion again and I just love this wooden telephone!

Another interesting find for the kitchen:
Trento is close to Austria and Germany, so here you can find antique and vintage items are not only from Italy but also from those countries.

There are more and more items - toys, souvenirs, vintage and retro.

I love this stand - vintage lace, linen and trivia made ​​from it, all sorts of little things women like.

Very nice, aren't they? But these are not really vintage. These are just made in vintage style "shabby chic". All handmade, natural wood, but all new

These are treasures of the seller I am well acquainted with. She calls me "the girl with spoons," because I always order "interesting spoons" from her for my store.

I'll be back here again next month and I accept orders.

Translated by Nadia LuNaViFelt


Unknown said...


ReStyleGraphic said...

Very interesting post. Especially liked the wooden phone. This is a fantastic thing!

Shirlee Fassell said...

What fun! So many interesting things! Thanks for a quick trip to an Italian flea market!

Unknown said...

What a great linen collection there! I would like to visit this stol.

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