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Monday, October 13, 2014

Annual Holiday gift exchange 2014

The yearly Holiday gift exchange* application process is on!

The rules are simple. There is a large group of people participating but you will send just one gift and you receive one gift. Your gifts should be pretty and fun to open. They should be as good as you would like to receive yourself. Try to get a gift within your recipient's wish area.

How to know what to send? Albina (albinasjewelry), our exchange curator, will send you all the details on a gift for your recipient. Don't forget to include a greeting card with your name, shop name and contact info!

Remember, how busy post offices are in December? Send your gift early so that it would get there just in time for the Holidays!

*To participate you have to be a member of Russian Artists team on Etsy. Please visit our forum for details.


DemyBlackDesign said...

I sooooo love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Albina M said...

see all the details here

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