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Monday, April 23, 2012

How to make a simple teething ring pendant crochet necklace

This teething pendant made by Jana (nihamaj) might be a perfect gift for a new mom and for a little one. It will work perfect to keep little hands busy and not pinching while nursing.

 You will need:

 Fabric yarn. I use baby or organic cotton because babies like to taste it.

Wooden ring.


One bead. I use wooden beads, but you can use stone or plastic bead. If you use plastic, be sure that it is safe and the paint does not peel off !

Tape measure

Crochet hook 

Crochet a simple chain about 35"/ 90 cm long. 

Fold it in half and insert the folded end into the ring. 

 Slip the other two ends through the loop made by the fold and tighten it. 

Slip the bead down to the ring and tie a knot above the bead to hold it in place. 

 Then tie a knot with the two loose ends to connect them into a necklace. 

Your pendant is ready. You can wear it short or long by adjusting the knot on the ends.  

By Jana (nihamaj)


Unknown said...

So interesting!

IrinaN said...

Cute necklace! Thank you for sharing!

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