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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Some thoughts on knitting

When I was a teenager I had a friend Katya. Her mother was a talented designer. That is why Katya always had the amazing dresses, jackets, hats and scarfs. For her mom it was a hobby to make garments for herself and for her daughter. One day Katya came to me to invite me for a walk. She was wearing an unusual hat and gloves. I was thrilled.
“Where did you get them?” I did ask my friend. “My mom made it for me” Katya said proudly.
“Wow, Katya, you are so lucky! Your mother is so talented! I wish my Mom could knit and teach me to do that” I said with jealousy.
“You know, my mom could teach you how to knit! She was trying to teach me but I really don’t have the patience for this. Let’s go for a walk and after we can talk to her.”

Katya’s mother showed me how to knit and crochet. 

That was thirty years ago, and I have enjoyed this hobby ever since. And I found a lot of benefits of knitting. You can make something memorable for your family. You can make gifts for Christmas and Birthdays for your friends or co-workers. You can create a very unusual jacket or hat.
 You can be a real artist working with different colors of yarns and fibers.

When you are a woman on a budget you can save a lot of money making garment for your children. But from the other side you can make money if you will knit items for sale.

What could be better than to do something for your family? What could be sweeter, softer and warmer than a blanket which a future mother makes for her baby? Or what if you would crochet a tablecloth or lacy center peace for your family holidays? Imagine your children and grandchildren coming to visit you on Thanksgiving Day and having your family’s traditional tablecloth on the table. It is great, don’t you think?

When Christmas is coming we all are looking for presents and gifts. Of course, you can buy presents but if you will make a scarf or hat for your boyfriend or husband it will be a very unique present.

Pick out his favorite colors and your soul mate will appreciate this gift even if it was three sizes too big! Just because you spent your time making this hat or scarf only for him, just because during the time while you were making those items you were thinking of him.
Everyone likes to be complimented. Are you on tight budget? You can save a lot of money by knitting yourself an unusual outfit.
 It is very pleasant to make something that people will like. Yes, it takes time. But believe me, to make a hat or scarf is very easy. Choose a pattern, choose your favorite colors, make a cup of tea or coffee, turn on your favorite DVD and enjoy your knitting during your free evenings.
Alaska’s winter is a perfect time for knitting. And Alaska is a perfect place for a knitting business. If you will learn how to knit hats and gloves or mittens you can knit them even for sale. A lot of stores take stuff for consignment. People like handmade items. You will benefit if you will use natural materials, like wool or cotton.

I like to knit. When I see a handmade outfit I always compliment the person who wears it. This garment keeps you warm not only because of wool but and because of positive energy, because of love which hands put in each stitch.

Try to knit. I’m sure you will like it.

Story by Alena HappyFrogFromAlaska


Katrinshine said...

Great post! I love knit and crochet too

Fine said...

Love this story a lot!
Thank you!

Lanadearg said...

Thank you Alena! Interesting article! liked this

Vital Temptation said...

What a sweet story! :)
So many beautiful items are featured here! Thank you so much for including me!

GalaFilc said...

I love knit and crochet. Thank you Alena! It is so interesting!!

AlexMOS said...

Incredibly soulful article! Thank you very much!

getarround said...

Such a great article!
Yes, I love knitting!
Tank you for telling this story!

inessa said...

What a great story! Beautiful items! Thank you!

Muza`s Workshop said...

It is so inspired! thank you!

Natalka Pavlysh said...

Amazing story! Thank you Alena!

FleetingStillness said...

a great story, I love to knit myself!

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