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Friday, October 14, 2011

Interview with a Star - Katrin at Katrinshine

Hello! My name is Ekaterina and I run Katrinshine, an internet store on Etsy.
 I loved to make things since I was little, and my grandmother has taught me a lot: to embroider, knit and crochet. My mother taught me to sew and draw, and she says that she would give me paper and pencils and I would keep busy for a couple of hours just quietly drawing at my desk. Maybe this is why I love to make handmade items so much. To this day I love to draw.

I have graduated from an art school and it gave me a good knowledge base in composition, colors, an various drawing techniques. This is the design that I drew on our kitchen wall:
 And this is the arched doorway between the entrance hall and the living room:

About a year ago I got renewed interest in crocheting, learned to make crocheted balls, flowers and scarves. Maybe soon I will work up my courage for a large project, such as a crocheted dress for next summer.

Currently I work at a store, and often when it is not busy I crochet something small. When customers see it they give me positive comments on my creations. I created the whole series of earrings made of crocheted beads in many colors:
Given that the store I work for sells everything and anything made of or related to lavender, and its décor is all in lavender and white, I often find inspiration for lavender-colored jewelry. For example, this necklace, which consists not only from crocheted beads, but also beads made from fabric. I also added some small glass seed beads as an accent.

Take this ring, for example. It is composed of a crocheted rose with a bead in the center and a flower made of purple leather. These textures, even though so different, go very well with each other and make this ring unique.

I love long necklaces and have a huge collection of them at home. This is why I decided to make this long necklace, I also figured that I am not the only person who loves long necklaces. Black and white color scheme makes this necklace suitable for work, a company event, or just to wear every day with a gray sweater.

Please come and check out my Katrinshine store where you will find not only handmade jewelry, but also gifts for men and unique patchwork bags.


SisterBatik said...

Wonderful to read this interview and seeing your crochet creations - very beautiful!

Fine said...

Beautiful artist and wonderful store!
Love it!

Anonymous said...

Nice to meet you!
and like your works :)

Vikulya said...

So intresting interview!Ekaterina,I like all your woks! Good Luck!

Eviltwin said...

great ideas - and great artist!

Natalka Pavlysh said...

Love your shop!

Yana said...

Beautiful works! Great story!

oksanai said...

Che bella!
e belli cosine che fa!

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