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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Felted balls DIY

Every child likes to play with balls. There should be a lot of them in different colors, sizes and made from the different materials like plastic, wood or textile. 

How about a felted wool balls for your home decor? Let's make it together with Oksana from LaFiabaRussa shop on Etsy!

You will need:

100% wool yarn, new or recycled from old sweaters
one or two unexpensive nylon pantyhose (leg portion only),
a pair of your old jeans
string or cord,
washing machine

Roll the yarn into balls (we are using 100% wool only for this project. Non wool yarn will not felt). 

Now it is ready for a cycle of intensive wash. Stuff them one at a time into the legs of the pantyhose and tie a cord in between the balls.
 Continue this way until all of your balls are inside.

Toss your filled pantyhose into a washing machine on a short hot cycle together with a pair of your old jeans to help the process of felting.

Check your balls, they should be fulled into balls but they are still soft! 

So it's time to embellish them with colorful threads or wool appliqué.

Return your balls to a washing machine for further fulling. Repeat the process of washing on a spin cycle in hot soapy water. Use as little water as possible to help the balls bounce together more.

If the balls still feels too soft after the first cycle run it again.

When the balls are tight enough switch the setting to rinse and add a big towel to hold your balls in place as they spin.


For a couple days dry your balls out in warm place with lots of air circulation.

So, here they are, bright, warm, soft and safe for your furniture! Just don’t be surprised if your new felted balls will be a hit with your kids and pets!


lanadearg said...

Very interesting tutorial. Thanks!

Fine said...


Muza`s Workshop said...

Love you ideas and your shop!

TonyaUtkina said...

Such a great idea! Love the eco-friendly look of the balls!

Natalka Pavlysh said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea!

angry birds rio said...

So cute idea! i love it, thanks for sharing.

Taylor said...

What happens to the jeans that you wash them with? are they no good anymore or just wash again and go.

Unknown said...

lovely idea, thank you

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