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Friday, September 16, 2011

Gifts from the heart

A good gift will be remembered forever.

If you would like to impress your friends with a perfect gift please visit the Elephant's Corner shop on Etsy.

The owner of the store is a very talented New York based artist Yury Tarler. You can find his work in numerous private and museum collections and now you have a unique opportunity to buy his work directly from his Etsy shop where you can find art objects for every day life.

In his store Yury offers wide range of “ready to ship” gifts such as clocks, tea sets and decorative plates.

Let’s talk about tea sets:
“A Little Violin”- his masterful brush strokes is laconic and precise. Can you imagine serving tea to your dear friend with this tea pot and Mozart on a background?

Or the same object with the “Tango” theme creates an atmosphere of love and passion

Look at the “Rainy Street” set - don’t you see the blink of sun through the rain? Isn’t a symbol of hope?

“Venice” is my favorite - those mysterious creates will bring this city's magic to your kitchen.

Close your eyes and you’ll fill that something truly exceptional is happening right in your house.

Recently Yury created a series of decorative plates with a wide range of themes - here are cityscapes, scenes of wild life and animals. Yury admires an infinite Venetian theme. His plates with Tragicomic masks layered with city scenes will make a perfect gift for any occasions.

Please visit store of Yury Tarler and you won’t be disappointed.

Story by Lana (BelleCoccinelle) & Ludmila (Woolsolution)


TonyaUtkina said...

Great art!

manonknits said...

Beautiful teapots!

baymut said...

Lovely story and nice shop!

Natalka Pavlysh said...

Beautiful tea sets!

IrinaN said...

Great items!

AlexMOS said...

ReaL art! Very-very beautiful!!!

Yana said...


Fine said...

Beautiful! Love it!

Sandra P. said...

Venice is my favorite too from Yury!

I've admired his tea sets for a while now, they're really fabulous.

HIs original artwork is really nice too!


Sandra from ZoiShop (Etsy)

Eviltwin said...

love the creations of Yury!

Unknown said...

Great art!

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