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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happy Indepedence Day, Ukraine!

24th of August is the big holiday in Ukraine, it's Independents Day!

This year is the 20th anniversary of independence of Ukraine, the young country with ages of traditions and culture legacy.


Ukrainian people were always known as good craftsmen.

The most known Ukrainian traditional art is embroidery. At present time embroidered clothing became even more popular. It is a festive wear and it's called "vyshyvanka". Take a look at this beautiful embroidered jewelry made by our team member Skrynka. It will fit your clothing perfectly!

But embroidery is not the only popular craft in Ukraine. Some of our team members are making amazing felted accessories:

Woodwork and painting on wood are also well known Ukrainian art.

Take a look at this wonderful handcrafted items from Ukraine! You can always find something you like:

1. 2kolory. 2. MariaSiyanko. 3. Muza. 4. Moloco.

These beautiful jewelry items are made in Ukraine also:

Happy Independence Day to all Ukrainians!

Story by Natasha Skrynka


IrinaN said...

Happy Independence Day!

Natalka Pavlysh said...

Happy Independence Day!

Muza`s Workshop said...

Happy Independence Day!

We have so talanted crafters!

Eviltwin said...

You too))) Thank you! So many talented Ukrainian artists!

Unknown said...

Happy Independence Day!

YanArt said...

Happy Independence Day!! :)

Anonymous said...

It is great to meet you all - congrats!

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