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Friday, July 1, 2011

Interview with a Star - Natasha (Skrynka)

Today, we are sharing an interview with Natalka who runs Skrynka shop on Etsy.

- Please tell us a little bit about yourself.
I was born and raised in Ukraine in the longest city of Krivoy Rog. As a child I loved to make things with my hands. When I would see an interesting piece of clothing, a bag, or a scarf, my first thought would be "can I make it myself?" So I learned to crochet, sew, knit, bead... but when I tried to do embroidery it became my true passion. I just can't stop!

Now I am a stay at home mom and as I've got plenty of free time. I decided to use this time too do something useful that I would enjoy, so I opened my Skrynka shop on Etsy.

- Why did you decide on Skrynka for your business name?
Skrynka (Скринька) in Ukrainian means a little box, usually used to keep such treasures as jewelry or items inherited from Granny. I thought that may shop could be a little box of embroidered treasures: jewelry, home decor, accessories.

- What are your main sources of inspiration?
I'm truly inspired by Ukrainian folk cross-stitching embroidery. It is in my blood I think. I have few festive towels (рушників) that I got from my Granny. She has embroidered them when she was young and now they need to be restored but they are so beautiful! The ornaments on them have a special meaning. There are ancient symbols of Water, Earth and Home Guardian, Bereginya. Of course, I can't pass on all the meaning of folk embroidery, but I don't even try to do it. I try to make wearable items that are ethnic and can find their place in everyday life.

- Do you have a favorite item you have made?
I do, and right now it is the red necklace. I just love it :)

- Any sales or promotions?
I’m happy to offer a 10% discount coupon on everything in my store to all readers of the Russian Artists blog. All you need to do is to enter the code RUSTEAM when you are at checkout and 10% will be automatically deducted from your entire purchase.

- Do you take custom orders?
Yes, I do. One of my hoop embroidery pieces was made as a custom order and I would be happy to make more custom items.

- What is the best reaction you have gotten from one of your pieces?
Oh! I worry so much each time I mail a package! I'd be happy to get a simple comment such as "nice" or "love it". But I couldn't imagine that my buyers would love my work so much and leave some wonderful feedback! It is immodest, but I want to share some:
"weeee my sweet little package arrived today and was everything i dreamed of plus some! i love it i love it i love it! thank u :)"

"Absolutely beautiful! Very fast shipping and super cute packaging! Love it so much I just bought 2 more!! Thank YOU! спасибо!"

"I love it !! Looks just like what I got and that's important. Also so fast I was shocked, & getting Ukraine stamps was a fun free thing !!"

- Do you have a wish for our readers?
Be free to make your life be a happy one, do what you want to do, believe in yourself and all your dreams will come true!


TonyaUtkina said...

Amazing artwork! Love everything by Natasha!

Fine said...

Wonderful story and beautiful embroidery!

Natalka Pavlysh said...

Thanks to Russian Artists team for this great opportunity to share my works!

Yana said...

Thank you for introducing Natalka to us! I love her embroideries!

Vikulya said...

Bravo, Natasha! All your works is great!

GalaFilc said...


Lanadearg said...

A wonderful post and lovely embroidery. great job, Natalka!

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