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Friday, July 15, 2011

Interview with a Star - Nataly at Muza

If you are looking for lovely crochet shawls, scarves, bags or cozy blankets take a look at Muza shop on Etsy. Items there are pretty and practical and you sure will find something you'll like! Nataly who runs the shop is sharing her thoughts with us today.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself
My name is Nataly. I am a full time crafter from Kiev, Ukraine.
I fell in love with beautiful natural items so many years ago and I started to create them myself. Then I made it my full-time business. I do not have a degree in design but I have taken a few art classes and learned from very talented crafters in pottery and weaving. Currently I continue to learn design and chromatics.
Now I run an Etsy shop with knitted and crochet fashion items, Muza`s Workshop.

How long have you been creating? How did your journey in art and creativity begin?
When I was about 10 years old my mother taught me to crochet and I began to make clothing for myself. When I was about 14 years old I got my first clients, they were my school friends who liked to have a special look.

Why did you decide on "Muza" name for your business?
Some people think Muza is my name, but it's not true. Muza means Muse. Sometimes she comes to me to tell about something beautiful and amazing and I am just creating it.

What items do you carry in your shop?
My shop is all about knitted and crochet fashion. It's about nice, bright, soft, natural, cozy and special items. I make clothing, bags and totes, home textile and accessories for all seasons.

What items in your shop do you most enjoy making and why?
One day I could be obsessed with making my shawls. I would be making them in different colors and sizes, I just could not stop making them… until suddenly bags would become my favorites! Some crafters do not like their items after they are done working on them but I can't say this about myself. I love all of my creations.

What is the most important about your work?
I am very detail-oriented in my work. I am trying to make my creations perfect. I pay a lot attention to details to make my items one of the best in my clients' wardrobes. I am trying to make them perfect by using quality materials and professional techniques. I am making my items to last for years.

What inspires you and how does a day in your studio go?
My studio is also my home, so I can work in a garden or do some house work and create during the day. Every morning starts for me with a cup of coffee and checking my mail. I am planning my day so I know exactly what to do today. When Muse comes I am becoming creative. I can draw for hours in my sketch book.

What are your main sources of inspiration?
Knitting is a very old technique, so it is natural to be inspired by folk motives and traditions for me. Other source of inspiration is modern designers like Antonio Maras, I love all of his collections! Other cultures in general are very big and interesting topic to talk about. Also I like to travel. New faces and places always inspire me to create something new.

What is currently inspiring you?
Recently my family and I moved to a new beautiful house. So I would like to make it cozy and even more beautiful. I have plenty of ideas for hand-made blankets, pillows and rugs. I made this Patchwork blanket for my customer but I am hoping to make something like this for my home too.

Do you use any special techniques or tools?
I like to combine knit and crochet with weaving, sewing or embroidery. I believe that most wonderful and creative items usually are made in a few different techniques.

Any sales or promotions?
I am offering 10% discount for all Winter Collection items and a free shipping on selected items. To use your Winter collection discount coupon please enter the coupon code "summersale" in the coupon code box at the checkout.

Do you take custom orders?
I do, with pleasure. I like to create clothing which will perfectly fit my customers.

Where would you like to go with your business?
Two years ago I decided to make knitting my business and I am working hard in this direction. I did some planning, and set my goals. I am going to develop a new home interior line and I would like to open my own studio where I can work and meet with my customers.

Why will people love your items?
My items are made using only the natural and quality materials and they are made with love.

What is the best reaction you have gotten from one of your pieces?
The first feedback on Etsy was the best feedback I have ever got:)

Name 3 things you can’t live without?
My family, my work and ... chocolate:)


Natalka Pavlysh said...

Great story! Nice to meet you!

IrinaN said...

Interesting story! :)

SocksAndMittens said...

Thank you, Nataly, for joining our team!

Yelena said...

Great Interview nice to meet you Nataly.

Maria Veigman said...

nice to meet you, Nataly!
Love you work

Maria Veigman said...

nice to meet you!
I love your work :)

Muza`s Workshop said...

You are wonderful team
It is pleasure to be with you on etsy

Bodil Savervik said...

It's Great!

My biggest fascination is explicit for Crochet and knitwear and also weawing, embroidery and all kind of folkloristic crafting, exactly, what you do!
Im very interested to follow you and your work including all future plans and projects.

Bodil in Sweden

casapinka said...

What a great interview. It's so interesting to hear what fellow artists on the other side of the world are doing. We both start our day with coffee and then create...and we want to make our homes prettier. I feel such a kinship. Her work is so stunning and inspirational.

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