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Sunday, May 29, 2011

How to get inspiration. Inspired Russian Hearts interview

Sitting in the armchair with my legs in cozy stripped socks I was drinking mint tea with honey.

It was the time I came to conclusion that there is nothing more sweet that being inspired. Just the word “Inspiration” awakened in my head the image of my cheerful baby boy who tries to show his independency to do all things by yourself, my lovely husband doing the same way, adorable Café del Mar music, watching cherry trees bloom – that’s just a beginning….

Rambling through Etsy I came across hundreds of unique amazing and adorable items. What inspired the artists to create them? Let’s make a little research.

NeroliHandmade: “ My inspiration mostly comes from nature and everyday objects. It can be a flower, an unusual leaf, or an intricate shadow on the wall.”

IrinaPhotography: “ My inspiration is our Mother Earth. There are so many breathtaking places around!”

PeonyForest says that her items are inspired by nature: the limitless beauty of the color nuances present in nature and the simplicity of the physical principles which rule the natural world.

“Walking in the park I see the flower and imagine the scarf or another garment of that color and begin to mix colors and paint the yarn for crocheting. Often I make it by myself.” – shares with us lanadearg – “ When the weather is bad and sky is grey it’s interesting to watch the shadows of grey on the sky and I try to reproduce that colors in the color of thread. Everything around is very interesting. Even the wet asphalt inspires!”

Yes, the main inspiration power is Mother Nature with its beauty and variety.
Sometimes you need to change your place, to feel new surrounding to catch new stunning ideas. NinasBeadFun likes to travel and with each new destination I find more inspiration. I get inspired by beautiful places, historical architecture, new people.
I like to observe everything around me, everything to the little detail, colour hue, finish, and texture.

HansHolzkopf tells me that she is inspired by the colors of nature, by the flowers in my garden, by children, simply by people, by travel in the other countries.

Alvant gets inspired by stunning natural surroundings of New England, by the colors of the nature and its natural lines, but her main source of inspiration is purely spiritual... “It is hard to explain how it works at the end, but I weave the feeling of LOVE, SUCCESS and CREATIVITY into every knot that I make... Those items become stylish living amulets and healing objects... How impressive traveling can be!”

The beginning of summer is right time to look around with open eyes and notice breathtaking colors to realize them in your own creations. Next time I will tell you about other ways to burn your creativity.

During my little research I’ve got about 70 kind and inspiring answers! My warm thank to everyone who wrote me back and share their concealed thoughts with me.
Stay inspired!

Sincerely yours,
Lily (

…to be continued…


SocksAndMittens said...

What a great post! I love this theme

Lanadearg said...

Excellent article! An interesting team, I read with pleasure.

Muza`s Workshop said...

so interesting!

lanadearg said...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful items and great artists!!

Лена lakizka said...

Very interesting and really coincides with my inspiration :-)

Albina M said...

Very interesting article!

Alla (FleetingStillness) said...

wonderful article! warm and inspiring too!

blueberrycream said...

Great artists!

Yana said...

What a wonderful article and beautiful works! It's interesting to know inspiration behind those pieces.

AlexMOS said...

So interesting! Thank you very much!!!

IrinaN said...

Thank you! I'm happy to be featured :)

TonyaUtkina said...

So many fantastic finds!

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