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Sunday, April 10, 2011

A matter of taste. Miniature food style

Tastes differ. But whatever your preferences are, you would have to agree with me that the taste of a store-bought pie is always different from one that was baked at home.

Imagine a woman baking in her kitchen. Maybe she is singing to herself, maybe just quietly listening to the sounds in the house. She could be watching the news out of the corner of her eye, or just looking out of the window. It is clear, however, that she is baking this pie thinking of people whom she would like to enjoy it. She is baking this pie for YOU - the real homemade pie full of love. Finally, the pie comes out of the oven, it is being placed on the table, then cut, and you get to try a piece…

Now imagine that you strolled into a supermarket, got a pie off the shelf, drove it home, took it out of the box, and placed it on the table. :)

Feel the difference?

If you think about it, in both cases the pie is on the table waiting to be eaten. But those two pies are, clearly, incomparable. Would you agree?

Same holds true with jewelry, clothing and housewares. Mass-produced things are clearly distinguishable from handmade ones. The handmade items have a different "taste", taste of love.

This was just a preface…

"Tasty" Handmade. Miniature food decor style

I dove into the world of handmade and tried to peek into the workrooms of artists that create these unbelievably gorgeous items. There I discovered "tasty" handmade.

For example, there are many items among works created by members of the Russian Artists Team on

Chocolate theme

Russian Team on EtsyPhoto sources from top, then left to right: 1, 2, 3, 4

Berry-fruity theme

Russian Team on EtsyPhoto sources from top, then left to right: 1, 2, 3, 4

Cakes and cream

Russian Team on EtsyPhoto sources from top, then left to right: 1, 2, 3, 4

Bon appetite my dear friends!

Story by Maria (Callofearth)
Translated by Alla (FleetingStillness)


Unknown said...

Thank you so much for including my Ice Cream Invitation!

Rozaliya said...

very appetite! Thank you showed my earrings cakes!

Albina M said...

Very interesting article!
Thank you for including my candy-earrings!

Svetlana NES said...

Yes, it's taaaasty) Thank you for featuring my honey heart!

SocksAndMittens said...

Looks totally yummy

Lanadearg said...


YanArt said...

Simple impressive!
Delicious! :))

Yulia Kazansky said...

Very yammy and interesting! Thank you for featuring my photo!

Maria Siyanko said...

Wow! great article!
thank you for including my orange earrings!

Beautyland said...

Yammy collection! "Tasty" handmade is beautiful!

Hellen Sheppard said...
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