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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Embroidered gift for your Mom

Mother’s day is coming, and it is coming very soon.

This is holiday of all mothers, grandmothers, and little girls as future moms.

It is become a tradition to give something special, some exclusive gifts to moms to assure them in our love. Embroidered souvenirs could be great gifts, where every handmade stitch tells about sincere love to moms.

We have a few stores in our team which offer embroidered gifts for moms.

For example- adorable shop Skrynka.
The owner of the shop Natasha offers cross stitch embroidered pendants.
Natasha is concentrating exclusively on Ukrainian’s national heritage, though; any mother would be delighted to get one of Natasha’s great items.

Store Woolsolution is offering more essential gifts.
Owner of the shop Lyudmila accomplished embroidery of significant level – abstract man’s head as image from the painting of renowned artist Paul Klee.

This embroidery piece would be unquestionable great benefit for decoration of any living room, it will bring bright accent to any contemporary style interior.

Pleasurable store BelleCoccinelle offers very feminine and elegant embroidery.
Items in this shop are made by hand, and also on hand-guided, beginning of the last Century "Singer" machine, which your grand-grand-mothers were using for sawing.
Owner of the store Lana – an embroidery designer, she offers embroidered souvenirs of any taste and style.
For example - delicate lily-of-the-valley:

Or smiley daisies:

These embroidery items made dimensional and looks like they grow right from the hoops.
Mom can decorate the shelf with this embroidery, next to the needlecraft chest, or she can present this beautiful souvenir to her daughter, future mom.

It doesn’t make any sense to buy common gift to your loved one.
Unusual gift is always much more thrilling.
Embroidery made by members of Russian team is unforgettable gift which every mom will keep for a long time.

Happy Mother’s Day Dear Moms!

Story by Lana (FineEmbroidery)


rizalaYa said...

Lovely gift ideas!

Natalka Pavlysh said...

Thank you so much for featuring!
This gifts are adorable!

woolsolution said...

Wonderful picks! I'm sure any mom would love to get a charming handmade gift. Thanks for including

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