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Monday, March 7, 2011

Free cross stitch chart "Happy Easter!"

Easter is one of my favorite holidays. Everything is so sunny and fresh and I just love to see the colorful eggs and first blooms on a spring flowers!

I wish to share my love of spring with my friends but some of them live far away. So I am sending them a note, just to let them know I am thinking about them!
Sometimes I am purchasing greeting cards but I am also making them when I have the inspiration and time.

I made this design in the spring of 2009 for some of my friends in England. It is very easy to stitch and you will make it in no time!

You can buy a tri-fold card for your stitching or you can make one yourself (for step by step instructions please visit my blog).

I am always happy to see your finished projects made by my charts. Please send me a photo of your finished card through the conversation at my Etsy shop (AGardenCottage) and I will publish it on my blog!

I am sure your friends will be happy to hear from you this Easter. Please enjoy this complimentary chart and have a wonderful spring!

By Tanya (AGardenCottage)


Albina M said...

Thank you for beautiful pattern!You are master!

Natalka Pavlysh said...

lovely pattern! thank you!

IrinaN said...

Great idea! :)

Katrinshine said...

Great idea!

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