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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Etsy shops for Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami victims, Russian Artists Team experience, part 3

We thank you our team members who first responded to artist aid Japan relief project: Albina Aroundbeads, Lena Baymut, Irene beautyland, Maria CallOfEarth, Alla FleetingStillness, Gala galafilc,Irina IrinaPhotography, Yuliya jezek, Svetlana marsvetlana, Irina Modern101, Olga Moussycrafts, Irene tombjorndesigns.

Here are the interviews with some of the activists of Russian Artist fundraising campaign:

Alla (FleetingStillness) was the one who supported the idea of charity donations for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief from the very beginning, she was the first one to sell an item for charity. Now she sold 17 sun catchers and still keeps re-listing them, selling and donating the money to Red Cross.

1. Alla, I know that you are a very busy woman with a full-time job and two children. You were quite successful selling your stained glass butterflies for charity and I admire your consistency, since even after you have raised a significant amount of money for
Japan you've carried on relisting the items and selling them. Was it easy to find the time during the day to actually make the stained glass butterflies for charity?
There pretty much is no such thing in my life as "time during the day for stained glass", unless I take a day off from my job or it is a weekend and my kids are visiting their grandparents. So, I had to make most of my charity butterflies at night, just like I do with all of my pieces. I have to say that the volume was much higher than usual - thanks to everyone who purchased my charity butterflies - so almost every day I spent 1 to 3 hours making the butterflies after my kids went to bed.

2. What was your daily sales record?
I sold 17 butterflies so far, donating $373.59 to Red Cross in
Japan, and most orders were for 1 or 2 butterflies. There was one very generous order though that deserves a special mention - a very kind lady from California ordered 6 butterflies at once. One more butterfly has sold that same day bringing my sales record to 7 butterflies!

3. Have you or any of your family members participated in some other fundraising events for
Japan relief?
My husband and I have donated cash on March 12th, the day before I started to sell butterflies for charity. My daughter's elementary school is collecting cash donations this week and we will be sure to participate.

4. Was it your first experience of fundraising through selling your art?
This is actually my second time. I have donated a large stained glass panel to a charity auction organized by my friend to help out a family of an American soldier that was killed in

Ira (Modern101) is an amazing person and a talented creator of the very special wooden boxes and she is also a great supported of our charity project.

1. Ira, I remember reading you on a Russian team chat when you sold your first charity box, it felt like you were over the moon! What made you join the artist movement and start selling your beautiful boxes for charity?

I first saw the photographs of the aftermath of the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan on March 12th. As I was looking at these pictures I knew that I couldn’t stay indifferent when people are suffering, and I left a comment under these pictures asking how I could help. Next morning while chatting with friends on the Russian Artist Forum I read a post made by Anastasia (Lovisetto), and it came to me. I knew then how I can help the victims of the earthquake and Tsunami. I also can’t forget Alla’s (FleetingStillness) words. She says that you have to do what your heart tells you. That’s how our Russian Artist team came up with this initiative to direct proceeds from selling handmade items to the Japan relief efforts. That’s how I found the ANSWER to my question and joined the initiative.

2. To what organization did you donate the money you got after reselling your items?

I donated the proceeds from sales to the American Red Cross.

3. Why did you choose this organization?
American Red Cross has done a lot of good around the world. They are always first on the ground, always ready to help. I believe that by donating to them my money will find its way to those in need faster.

Olga (Moussycrafts) was among the first Russian teams members who donated her items for charity.

1. What did you feel when you sold your first charity item?

When I decided to participate in Artists Aid Japan cause, I really didn't think I'd sell anything as my shop had not enjoyed too many sales since I've opened. So the first charity sale came to me as a huge surprise and made me extremely excited! And I got even more excited (if it was possible) after I had 4 more sales in the next few days! I was so happy that I could help somebody in need with what I know to do best - my art!

2. Are you supporting any charity organization on a regular bases?

My support of charity organizations can be described as random and mostly I donate to the animal shelters or animal rescues.

3. Did you feel that your fundraising initiative was supported by the fellow etsians?
I was happy to see that many members of Russian Artists team welcomed the idea of helping Japan with open hearts. I think that many other estians followed the example of our team and few other teams and joined the cause!

Albina (AroundBeads) supported the idea of selling her items for charity from the very beginning. She also designed a new range of beautiful charity brooches and she ran the charity BNR on Friday March the 18th

1. What made you join the fundraising process?

I just wanted to help the people in Japan.

2. Was your BNR on Friday successful?

Unfortunately, I can’t say that our charity BNR was success, we managed to sell just one item, but we had a lot of comments from the fellow etsians!

3. Albina, I know that you were very successful selling your beautiful jewelery. Are you happy with your results?

I already sold 10 listings (9 jewelery pieces and 1 tutorial) and proceeded $70 to Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund. So, I am quite pleased with my results.

More team members are joined the project since it started.

By Anastasia (Lovisetto)


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