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Friday, February 11, 2011

Interview With A Star - Yana at YanArt

Yana is one of the talented felt artist from Ukraine who is also a member of our group. So we asked her to tell us more about herself, her work, her inspiration. She kindly agreed and we are happy to introduce you Yana at YanArt today!

Please tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Yana. I live in Cherkasy, Ukraine. It’s a beautiful town on the bank of the Dneper river. From my early childhood I liked to draw, sew, knit, and sculpt clay. So sometimes I even wonder why I graduated from the university with an absolutely different major. Probably this is why now I invest more time in my hobby which begins to gradually replace my profession. Of course, it became possible only with the support of my family, and I mean all its members! My beloved cat is always around :)

Tell us more about your work

I learned about felting a few years ago. This particular method attracted me with its variety and unlimited possibilities: you can mix wool in the same way as you mix paints and literally draw with it and see it comes to life in your hands.

Do you use any special techniques or tools?

I prefer to use natural materials in my work: wool, clay and fabrics. Though at the present time I spent much time with felting/needle felting. You can’t often predict the outcome though but the result is always magnificent.

Work with wool is surprising, live, interesting and remarkable. There is no place for ordinary, it is always one of a kind! It is also a constant self-perfection of your own knowledge and techniques. Wool allows you to create felt products using different kinds of fabrics as a basis and different kinds of wool, fibers of silk, banana, etc. It goes further, it’s not only wet felting, but also dry or their combination!

What are your main sources of inspiration?

What gives me inspiration? Just about everything! A beautiful sunset I can see through my window, a bouquet of summer flowers, sparkling raindrops in the spider’s net. All these things are so appealing!

Do you take custom orders?

I do and I am often inspired by the orders themselves. Take a look at my work for a little girl who was only two month old at that time, for instance:

The most touching requests are to create a figurine in memory of a passed pet:

Also, I just have to mention my favorite client, a little Roxolana:)

Each and every of my creations are made with great love. They carry a bit of my soul and warmth of my hands. It is very important for me that everyone could feel it and get the greatest satisfaction possible!


rizalaYa said...

Very beautiful works!

Vikulya said...

Amazing works!I love them so much!Bravo, Yana!

lanadearg said...

Very beautiful works! Baby and cat too. xoxo

Katrinshine said...

She is very talented!!

Lovely Trifles said...

amazing works!!

TonyaUtkina said...

amazing story! Such a talented artist!

Irina said...

Very beautiful works!

Rosemary said...

Very interesting, thanks for sharing!

IrinaN said...

Great story! Thank you :)

Natalka said...

Interesting! Thank you!

Sasha and Veronika said...

I adore all her beautiful artworks! The felted toys are especially eye-catching :) Good luck to you and more creativity to come!

YanArt said...

thank you very much!! :)

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