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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Virginia in winter

I've been living in Virginia for 8 years now. It's a wonderful state with hot summers and mild winters. Virginia is home to a lot of beautiful trees like pink flowered Dogwood or Holly and brightly colored birds like Northern Cardinal that is an official state bird of Virginia.
rusteam handmade blue
In winter Virginia loses its colors as so many trees and shrubs stay naked yet beautiful bushes like Holly with their green and shiny leaves and bright red berries make Virginia landscapes less pale and dull.
rusteam handmade red
As the climate is very mild in winter and temperatures rarely fall below 40 F. It's such a pleasure to spend a day outside walking in a park which Virginia has a plenty. Days are mostly shiny and although one doesn't see much hues and colors in the winter landscapes, it's still worth spending a few hours enjoying the beauty of green pine trees, bamboo forests and bright reds of Holly berries here and there.
handmade green rusteam
During a few days the winter it gets so warm that some shrubs actually start blossoming. Flowers on shrubs in the middle of winter look weird and beautiful. Then the frost comes and the plants are caught in the middle of their mixed up spring awakening. I wonder what happens with these poor shrubs when the real spring comes in a few months. Do they recover and blossom in the spring?
rusteam handmade yellow

Come visit us in Virginia! As you’ve probably heard that "Virginia is for lovers". It's definitely place to check out!

Russian Artists team shops located in Virginia and Maryland

text and photos by TonyaUtkina


IrinaN said...

Lovely story! Thank you for sharing :)

SocksAndMittens said...

Wow, wonderful photos and a story. I have never been in Virginia but it seems like a lovely place to live.

lanadearg said...

very beautiful photos!

Anonymous said...

Great state! I love VA! Thank you Tonia!

rizalaYa said...

cool photos and interesting story!

VeraidaGiftsJewelry said...

nice photos, you are very talented!

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