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Friday, December 10, 2010

Stylish Things - customized presents

Winter holidays are quickly approaching and we start thinking what presents to give to our beloved ones more and more often.

We want the present to be special, to show our attachment, love and care. We also want the recipient to be really excited about it, to see that joy in their eyes.
Who does not know the torturing doubts and apprehension when choosing that perfect gift, especially when the budget is limited.

There is a great solution for any chosen item to give joy – personalization. This means that nobody else will have the same gift, as it bears the name of the gift’s recipient.

For example, it is so exciting for a child to get a special pillow for the Tooth Fairy. A fairy comes when baby teeth fall out. She buys the tooth, however, in order for this to happen, it has to be put into a secret place – a special pocket with the child’s name.

Custom Embroidery
An elegant gift can be made for a beloved man. It may be a luxurious towel, cashmere scarf or a shirt with embroidered initials. This is so chic, even Trump himself wears such shirts! Aren’t our men worth the same?

Custom Embroidery
Nobody needs to justify tender attachment to their pets. They are members of the family, we tend to celebrate their birthdays, hang a Christmas stocking full with delicious treats for them and study the fashion for warm pet clothing with all seriousness. Why not delight yourself and your family members with a new bed for your favorite pet, for example like this one:

Custom Embroidery
Probably your fluffy joy cannot read, however, this embroidery will definitely bring a lot of pleasure to you and your children.

One shouldn’t forget about themselves any holiday season. A luxurious monogram on bed linen or a dressing-gown, cashmere sweater or napkins will bring you a lot of pleasant moments. It is these elegant embroideries add that hint of femininity and style to our image.

Custom Embroidery
Boutiques FineEmbroidery and FunEmbroidery wish you happy holidays and invite you to give unique personalized gifts to yourself and your beloved ones!

Story by Lana (Fineembroidery)
Translated by Anastasia (Lightkeeping)


SocksAndMittens said...

I love the idea of personalized gift, it is so thoughtful. Wonderful work, Lana!

TonyaUtkina said...

What can be better than a customized present? People who deeply care about their loved ones will opt for a personalization! Great work, Lana!

Vikulya said...

Lana, all of your works are so amazing! I love them! Good Luck! And thanks a lot for interesting interview!!!!!!

Olena said...

Lovely! Lana, I really love your work!

Anonymous said...

Great idea for gifts! Lana, beautiful work! Love your shops!

daimblond said...

great idea and beautiful gifts!

IrinaN said...

Great article! Lovely things :)

Katrinshine said...

Very interesting! I love her creations!

Fine said...

Thank you very much for your nice and kind words! :-))

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