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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wonderful things wednesday - Happy Haunting!

Delight of this week – Halloween Party!

Who ever said that Halloween is just for kids? Adults should have some fun too!

Get a little crazy this night and be someone else! You can be a vampire, witch, rock or movie star or some other creature or person you want. Everybody is welcome to eat, drink and be merry this night!

So dress up for your party, mix up creepy Halloween cocktails for adults and have a great time!

1. Pincushions from felt PUMPKINS by FunEmbroidery
2. Cat and Goldfish Stained Glass Suncatcher by FleetingStillness
3. Halloween Pumpkin Coffee Cup Cozy by CuffeShop
4. Halloween Cat Hat for Baby by Bumblestore

1. Spooky Houses Halloween Necklace by Smafactory
2. Silver With Black Leather Double Bracelet by Justlena
3. Fabric rosette statement ring in black with silver base by StudioElenus
4. Black lacy crochet skirt Victoria Secret by Lasunka

1. Night sky airy necklace by Beautyland
2. Handforged geometric sculpted earrings Sterling silver with black Lava cubes – Pele by Arctida
3. Waist Reducing Tartan CORSET by Katrinshine
4. Victorian Halloween framed digital collage sheet by Graphicland


GalaFilc said...

Interedting collection!

lightkeeping said...

Such lovely items!
Just amazing:)

Fine said...

Beautiful collection!
Love it!

Unknown said...

Great selection! Such fun!

Arctida said...

Fun and a bit spooky collection :) You girls are the best!

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