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Friday, October 29, 2010

Interview with a Star - Alena at Daimblond

Today our featured guest is Alena, she is a member of our Etsy team (Rusteam). Alena has two great stores: and

How did you begin creating?

All my life since I was a little kid I worked with my hands. At first I attended drawing and sculpture classes, then went to an art college and majored in graphical design. Besides that I dabbled in sewing and batik.
About 5 years ago I moved to France. I had a lot of free time and started to try my hand in various mediums. At first I fell in love with polymer clay, then discovered working with resin, and finally moved on to felting.

I have two stores on Etsy. In my store I sell нandmade jewelry. I use silver, pearls, shells, and cute beads made of semiprecious stones in my creations. In my store you will find elegant jewelry for a bride, a business woman, and for anyone who likes soft feminine things. I also make accessories from silk and wool - scarves, hats, and bags.

How did you find out about Etsy?

I heard about Etsy a long time ago, I even made a purchase here, but then did not use the site for a long time. And then my Russian-speaking friend El Dalmar told me about the Russian team on Etsy. I joined the team in January of this year.

What is your biggest accomplishment?

There are a lot of talented craftsmen on Etsy. However, it is not enough just to create wonderful items, one also needs to draw customers in to his/her store and that is not possible if the items are not properly displayed. It is very important to photograph the items just right - to find the right angle, to choose the background that works best with the item, to pay special attention to color balance… all this I learned experimenting with my listings. I try to photograph my works so that you can see how charming they are right away.

What is your goal?

Of course, I would love for my stores to grow more and more popular. Not too long ago I opened my second store, I love felting very much and I have a lot of project ideas that I would love to work on and create lots of wonderful textile items and items made from wool and silk..

What did Rusteam give you?

I am very glad that this team exists on Etsy. It is very important to be connected to a group of like-minded people who are always ready to help you with advice, lift up your spirits or to celebrate your success. Besides all this, Rusteam is a great place to socialize.

What would you wish for our team members?

Even though we have fun just chatting, our main goal is to sell our creations on Etsy. I wish everyone more and more sales!


SocksAndMittens said...

Great interview, I love the story!

getarround said...

I like your work, Alena.
Wishing you success!

TonyaUtkina said...

You create amazing items! It was very interesting to "meet you in person"! :)

Vikulya said...

So interesting interview!Alena,all your works are fantastic! I wish you Good Luck!

Unknown said...

A very interesting interview, love your works!

Katrinshine said...

I like her creations! Was wery interesting to read!

Fine said...

Amazing work!
Such a talent!
Love it so much!!!

Tatyana said...

Your work has the exquisite character which is characteristic of French art. It was a pleasure to look at your creations.
Желаю творческих успехов!

daimblond said...

thank you, ladies!:)

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