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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Felting Defined

Fulled knitting:
The process of knitting something with wool yarn, usually with large, open stitches, then shrinking it by throwing it into the washing machine. This process, commonly called felting, is actually fulling.

The ancient process of beginning with loose wool fibers, adding water (and, more recently, soup), then pressing the fibers together, followed by a more vigorous working of the cloth to shrink and stregthen it. Also known as traditional felting or wet felting.

Needle felting:
A process in which sharp, barbed needled are poked down through loose fibers, entangling them into a dense mat.This process has been adapted by crafters, doll makers, and other fiber artists surface embellishment, "painting" with wool, and for sculpting felted figures. Also called dry felting.

Nuno felting:
A technique, named by Polly Stirling in the mid-1990s, that involves feltingh loose wool fibers into cloth, usually silk. The fibers travel through the weave of the cloth and entangle on the back side; as the fibers shrink, a strongly textured felt/fabric hybrid is generated.

Cobweb felting:
A technique in felt making in which very small amounts of fiber are used to create an extremely sheer felt that contains holes as a textural effect.

Carved felt:
A technique of carving away layers from a thick, durable felt, usually to expose multicolored wool layers within the felt.

Yarn felts:
Felted fabric made with preexisting wool yarns, sometimes with small amounts of woo; roving. These include lattice or grid felts (crisscrossing yarns in a grid) and free lace (laying the yarn a freestyle pattern).



GalaFilc said...

Very interesting!!!! Thank you!

Yulia Kazansky said...

Very useful information about felting - how to make felt, what is Nuno felting, needle felting. I like purses and scarves and especially felted fabric. It looks like abstract picture!

blueberrycream said...

Interesting information. Thank you!

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