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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Featured artist: Yelena, LenaMer. Boho and steampunk jewelry

Yelena from LenaMer is a great artisan jewelry designer and a silversmith from Israel. Her favorite styles are steampunk and boho.
She loves to play with shapes and textures, colors and materials. Her works are unique and inspirational and if you already own a piece made by her you will want to get another one.
It has been 4 years since we published an interview with her here on this blog  so we were interested in what's been happening since. We contacted Yelena and are happy to see that she is working hard on creating new beautiful designs.
Here is what she told us about herself and where she stands right now:
It's been four years since my last interview. I remember that time as if it was yesterday: after several years of silent watching, I finally found the courage to open my Etsy shop and share my favorite designs with this crowd of amazing and talented people obsessed with the same passion of creation and appreciating the uniqueness of handmade. It was a difficult and scary step to take, as the process of jewelry making was always very personal and intimate for me. 

It begins as an idea, or, more precisely - an echo, a shadow of a thought, that slowly forms into something more tangible and then gets transferred to a paper. Sometimes it took months for this thought to transform into a real thing. And to share something so personal is never easy. But I met a group of amazing people who were incredibly supportive and helpful. They answered my questions and gave me tons of great advice and just hugs when I needed them. I am very grateful to our wonderful Russian Artist Team! :)
Today, I feel much more comfortable with my Etsy shop. Through those years I had some ups and downs, I met a lot of talented people, began to teach once again, tried some different styles and techniques and learned more about myself. As of now, my main feeling is that only the sky is the limit, when I really want to achieve something.
Currently I keep working on my "Copper and Silver" collection. Another piece of news is that I have a brand new site. You are welcome to visit, and this is my new post about my studio:
Interview by Tanya socksandmittens


Unknown said...

I love Lena's works very much! I had one of them in my hands and it's done amazing!

Unknown said...


Lyudmila Klebansky said...

Very stylish pendants! Wish you good lock!

crafts2love said...

Beautiful~ I have LenaMer earrings and love them!

Natalya said...

Редкая техника

Viki ReStyleGraphic said...

I love her store and works!

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