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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Featured artist: Irene, FancyKnittles. Miniature dolls

Are you familiar with that feeling when you see something really cute, all you can say is: aaaaawh! That's how we feel when we visit FancyKnittles shop.
All miniature people, animals, flowers, vegetables, holidays ornaments and toys are crocheted by Irene, the owner of the shop who really reaches the top of cuteness in her work while keeping quality at a high level also. These little dolls are full of fancy details and, like Irene says, you will never be bored with them!
Naturally, we wanted to know more about Irene and her inspiration. Here is what she shared with us:
 Why did I choose to make miniature crochet dolls? I am a practical person. Miniature  requires less time, materials and money. 

 In reality, I love all things mini since my childhood. I knit & crochet all clothes for my dolls since I was 5 years old. Later I started making miniature toys also. 

Why did I choose to crochet a miniature? Simply because I love to do it and I do it well. I feel happy while I am having fun. No one said the dollhouse miniature have to be 100% realistic. You are a creator of your own perfect little world. Besides, when else can you feel like a Gulliver in Lilliputian!

It is still winter and the weather outside of my window is dark and gloomy right now. What do you usually do when you are bored? Watch a movie, drink hot chocolate or read a book under the blanket?

I miss the sunshine so I decided to crochet a bunch of miniature colorful hyacinths. Then, I  build a little corner garden with a little bench, a garden tools and a watering can... oh, look! Someone forgot their little hat over there!

I took a photo of my miniature garden and I got a sunny happy picture. It made me feel like spring is around the corner.

I hope my little miniature world will make someone else's world a little brighter also. Maybe, one will smile and think: spring is almost here!
Visit Irene's shop on Etsy to see more of her creations. You can also find her on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.  

Interview by Tanya (socksandmittens)


Unknown said...

I love her works so much!

Unknown said...

Just beautiful!

LenaMer said...

I am a HUGE fan of your works, amazing!

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