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Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Autumn is a season of falling leaves apple cider and pumpkin patches all over the country side! In countries of Europe to North America people grow their own pumpkins for yummy pies and to carve out for Halloween. Jack-o-lanterns will meet you by each door very soon, but even before that you can pick some great pumpkin items from these shops.

Here are a couple of pumpkins for home decor:
 Halloween pumpkins decor by katuasha
Farmhouse Pumpkin box by alenahandmade

Pumpkins for your baby:
Baby teething ring Pumpkin by MiracleFromThreads
Coconut ring nursing pendant by bysiki

Pumpkins for yourself to wear: 
Polymer clay bracelet Pumpkin by YaTomkaStore 
Felted scarf cobweb by Roltinica
Knit hat pattern honeycomb by katerynaG
Going to visit someone? Bring your wine gift in a stylish pumpkin wine bag:
Knit wine bottle cozy pumpkin by socksandmittens

or just stroll in the park with the pumpkin purse on your shoulder!
Wool felted purse by crafts2love

Written and item collection by Nadia from LuNaViFelt


Unknown said...

very nice items and thanks to autor!

Unknown said...

Oh cute little pumpkins! They are all fabulous - great shapes and bright color.

GalaFilc said...

I like pumpkin - color :)

Unknown said...

lovely finds!

crafts2love said...

Thank you for featuring my pumpkin bag!

Unknown said...

What a lovely collection! Thank you so much for featuring my hat pattern!:)

Алена Пахомова said...

Beautiful collection! Thank you so much !!

bysiki said...

Lovely things!

katuasha said...

A wonderful collection of pumpkins. This spirit of holiday makes me happy in this cold autumn

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pumpkin! Many thanks!

Unknown said...

My favorite color! Great!

ya-tomka said...

So wonderful!!! ♥

Thank you for including my pumpkin bracelet!

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