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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Spring flower hoop art ribbon embroidery DIY project

Winter is still here but we are all waiting for spring. While evenings are still dark and cold why not treat yourself with pretty hoop embroidery project. Our team member, Maria from LaMariaCha shop on Etsy, stitched this flower to share with you!
To make one for yourself you will need:

White tulle 5"x5"
Off white waste canvas fabric 5"x5"
Green felt, about 1"x1"
4 " wooden hoop
Hot pink organza ribbon, about 3 yards
Embroidery floss in green and hot pink colors
Embroidery needle
Butterfly wooden button

Here is how to make this:
Mount tulle fabric evenly on a hoop, mark center of the surface and stitch seven lines (half radius) from the center of the circle as show pictures 1 and 2. Thread  a needle with the ribbon, make a knot on a long side.
Using basting stitch technique (long up and down stitch) starting from the center and moving in a spiral direction clockwise make long stitches over and under every other line(half radius). Do not pull ribbon tight, make it lose on a right size. (3,4,5,6,7,8).
Continue working in spiral way up until flower is ready. When the flower is ready, cut out flower from the tulle fabric with a ~1.5" border.
Now mount canvas on the loop. Make sure the fabric is stretched evenly with a good tension. With a green floss embroidery a flower's stem using back stitch technique.
Attach the flower using the running stitch (short up and down stitches) at the center of the canvas and the prepared green felt leaf on a side of the stem.

Make a couple of stitches in the canvas to anchor the thread where you are going to attach a cute butterfly button. Lay the button on the place and sew it in.
Enjoy your stitching!

DIY project by Maria Chaplygina (LaMariacha)
Translated by Lyudmila (woolsolution)


Ольга said...

Very beautiful! Thank you!

crafts2love said...

Beautiful! Thank you!

Arctida said...

Great DIY! Thanks for sharing ladies :)

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