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Monday, April 2, 2012

Chalkboard Easter Eggs

This is a fun project from Mary & Daniel (chalkboardthings) for those who want to break the stereotype that eggs should be white! 

The finished eggs can be a table or wall decoration, a place card or just an Easter souvenir.

 You can either choose wooden eggs (can be found at a craft shop) or real hen eggs (do not forget to boil them before decorating!) and a chalkboard paint. We are making chalkboard paint ourselves for our own use but it can be purchased at the art & craft shops also.

The project is simple, you just have to paint your eggs with a chalkboard paint and let them dry. After that you can draw or write on them with a piece of chalk as many times as you wish. Simply use a cloth to remove the chalk.


By Mary & Daniel (chalkboardthings)
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