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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Some thoughts on art, exhibitions and inspiration

The art exhibits are very powerful source of inspiration for me. I love to see the wonderful works of art and always trying to see as many art shows as possible.
 According to the Art Basel Miami Beach website, the event is known as the most prestigious art show in the Americas.  Over 250 leading galleries from all over the world take part, showcasing works by more than 2,000 artists of the 20th and 21st centuries.  Since the first exhibition held ten years ago, a greater number of art collectors, artists, dealers, curators, critics and art enthusiasts from around the world participate in Art Basel Miami Beach - the favorite winter meeting place for the international art world.
 The exhibiting galleries are among the world's most respected art dealers, offering exceptional pieces by both renowned artists and cutting-edge newcomers.  Special exhibition sections feature young galleries, performance art, public art projects and video art.  The show is a vital source for art lovers, allowing them to both discover new developments in contemporary art and experience rare museum-caliber artworks.  Top-quality exhibitions in the museums of South Florida and special programs for art collectors and curators also help make the event a special time for encountering art.
 This year's 10th anniversary show marked my 3rd Art Basel experience.  As I walk through the exhibition and view each piece, a handful of pieces inspire my future creations.  
 For instance, after this year's show, I have introduced my used coffee grounds into my paintings. 
 This process have not only given me more recyclable or “green” ideas, but simply adding the coffee grounds and coffee beans to my painting has given them a more unique quality to my creations.

Other exhibits provided inspiration for my latest jewelry designs which I am currently preparing.
 For the people considering whether or not to attend the next Art Basel show in Miami Beach, I would HIGHLY recommend it. This is wonderful and I am sure, you will get inspired, too!
Story by Vera (Luxurybyvera) and Mike,
Photography by Katya Gubanova


GalaFilc said...

I try to visit the exhibition as often as possible. At the exhibition you can see a lot of interesting things.

Tom Bjorn Designs said...

oh yes, I understand you! I am especially inspired by unexpected mix of colors!

Anonymous said...

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SocksAndMittens said...

I love art shows. Hope we will make it to the Art Basel next year, your photos are so inspiring!

Natalka Pavlysh said...

Great article!

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