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Friday, December 2, 2011

Vintage at AGardenCottage

What's vintage for you? For me, this is collection of memories.

A vintage item is the item that is more than 20 years old and is valuable to you or others.
When I buy vintage items I look at things that I would like to have myself. But here is the catch, just because something is old does not make it valuable or collectible. What's make it valuable is it is something rare, something desirable, people want it or it touches someone's memory of good days gone.
I am a collector too, that's why I opened my AGardenCottage shop on Etsy.

Look at these buttons. It is so hard to find quality mother of pearl anything now but these vintage buttons have a wonderful marbling opalescence in them. These buttons are a way to bring the beauty of the past to a garment made today.
 Another good example is your holiday dinner. You can use many different serving utensils for your guests or you can really dress it up with something that your guests have never seen before like this gold strawberry salt & pepper shaker. 
 You could use something like this or another vintage set made by Oneida that will dress up your table.
 When your guests see your treasures it will become a topic of discussion and compliments. Believe me, we kept the same strawberry set for ourselves for our Thanksgiving dinner and everyone was asking about it.

Vintage or antique items have always been popular. Since the 1950's when mass production really got started it has made collecting cheaper. Now everyone can afford to collect or buy items that they are interested in.

I am shopping for items constantly and I have hundreds of items that are not listed yet so if there something you are looking for let us know because I may already have it or I will look for it.

My warmest Holiday wishes to you,

Tanya at AGardenCottage


Yana said...

I love your shop and vintage in general. There is something to be said about buying a thing that has a story. It constantly makes me feel like it's been with me forever :) Beautiful finds you have in your shop! Those buttons are gorgeous!

manonknits said...

Want to have it all ))

IrinaN said...

I love the strawberries :)

Natalka Pavlysh said...

Love your shop!

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