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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Thank you to our blog volunteers

A couple of years ago a small group of members in our team took the initiative to create a blog for the Russian Artists on Etsy. 
They were overwhelmed with the amount of work they needed to invest in the group blog, so Alecya (Arctida), Irina (IrinaPhotography) and Lana(Lanadearg) helped each other to start the blog and fill it with major information about the group.

Several members of our team shared their interest for the new creation and started to post articles on the blog with craft related subjects. The posts were informative and had a great response from our readers.

Later on that year Katrin (Katrinshine) offer her help with promoting our group members in our Wednesday posts.  Her photo collages were wonderful. Tanya (Socksandmittens) helped write these Wednesday posts and they are still a great way to advertise and tell the world about our creations. 

At the end of the first year we got some new ideas on how our blog will go forward. We decided to fill it with as much info as possible because we are a very creative group of artists and we have lots to share!

So in the late fall of 2010 our blog started to post new articles on a regular base, a minimum of 4 posts a week. We saved Mondays for tutorials and kept promoting up to 16 members of our group on Wednesdays. Fridays we left  for the interviews with our team members or introductions to their shops for our readers. Sundays we are sharing our favorite recipes and talking about the wonderful places to visit and so much more!

Many members of our team take their part in making our blog more interesting. We have wonderful authors, interpreters and photographers, who kindly help promote our handmade creations and shops to a new level.

Our New Year resolution is to reach more people through a group effort.

Thank you everyone who helped and gave input to our blog!


Ольга said...

Thanks girls for their work.
Blog is excellent, a lot of interesting information

CozySeason said...

Thank you girls for your great work!

IrinaN said...

Thank you!-) Hopefully, the blog will develop more in the future :)

Ana Matusevic said...

I always read your blogpost and they are always very interesting! Good job, keep doing this, thank you!

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