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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Glass tile pendant tutorial

We would like to share an easy to follow glass tile pendant tutorial by Irina who runs GraphicLand shop on Etsy.

How to make glass tile pendant
First of all, you need an image. For example, you can download and use images on this blog. Print images on heavy paper (80-100 lb) on laser printer.

NOTE: Please keep in mind, that the collage sheets can not be sold as a collage in digital or printed form.

To make the pendant, you will need an image, settings for glass tile, glaze, and super glue (it's better to use gel super glue).

How to make glass tile pendant
You can buy supplies in SunAndMoonKits shop on Etsy. The seller is very nice and responsive. She always open for custom quantity of items. :) If you are planning to make just 1-2 pendants, you probably will need just sample size of glaze - not the big bottle.

So... lets make the pendant :)

First, cut of an image.

How to make glass tile pendant
Then, apply a little bit of glaze on the back side of the glass tile. Well... maybe not a little bit but more :) So it shouldn't be a very thin layer.

How to make glass tile pendant
Spread it evenly without air bubbles inside. Place the image with face side on the glaze and gently press it from center to the edges. Be sure, that there is no airy spots between glaze and paper. Also, paper should slide on the glaze when you touch it. It means that right amount of glaze applied. Be sure that edges of the paper are also with no air between glaze and the image.

Set aside the glass tile for a couple of hours while the glaze become firm. Then, just trim extra paper on the sides and remove extra glaze from the glass.

How to make glass tile pendant
Put a little bit of super glue in the setting.

How to make glass tile pendant
And place the glass tile with paper side down.

How to make glass tile pendant
And your pendant is ready :)

If you'd like to make a pendant, you can look for images on this blog, and also please have a look at GraphicLand shop on Etsy for affordable great digital collages.

Enjoy! :)


SocksAndMittens said...

Great and easy to follow tutorial, thank you so much for sharing!

Katrinshine said...

Thank you! It's easy to follow tutorial!

Fine said...

Great tutorial!

Yana said...

Very cool tutorial!
Thank you for sharing!

oksanai said...

Thank you!

Yulia Kazansky said...

Wonderful tutorial! Very helpful! Thank you, Iryna.

unique glass gifts ideas said...

wonderful collection..i like it all..this is a nice post ans also thanks for this..
accessories are so attractive..

Unknown said...

Wonderful tutorial!
Thank you, Iryna!!!!

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