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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wonderful things Wednesday - Magic of Knitting

When the weather is chilling down more & more every day we are all reaching for our warm clothing to ward of the chill.

Fall & Winter is the best time to be stylish and warm at the same time. Thanks to knit items we can be both warm and stylish. There is no secret here: the key to your success are accessories! With a great selection of knitted jewelry and purses, gloves, mittens and hats everyone can find the right things to go with their outfits!

Knitting is one of the oldest and still popular types of needlework. Like crocheting, some of us have been knitting since childhood and some of us learned how to knit at an older age. No matter what age we are all trying to create something unique.

Knitting is a relaxing hobby for many people and a great way to look good even in a worst weather conditions and allows the craftsman explore their creativity. Knitters have many different ways to express themselves. There are many different materials to knit from, and almost endless variety of colors, and you can knit almost every type of clothing known!

Check out our fall & winter collection for all your cold weather needs.

1. Knitting scarf by Beautyland
2. Beige fall - handmade knitted colorflul cotton beanie by Sexyhandmade
3. Wool mittens in red and white by Inessa
4. Hand Knit cabled Leg Warmers in Pastel colors by DesignProjects

1. Hand Knit Mohair Poncho/ Cape/ Jacket/ Coat by Woolsolution
2. Aran Cable Scarf in grey by CozySeason
3. Socks rustic merino wool hand knitted by Lanadearg
4. Wool fingerless gloves by Socksandmittens

1. 100 Percent Peruvian Highland Wool Scarf in Rose by CityCrochet
2. Brown striped wrist cuff band bracelet by Cushyadornments
3. Chunky bulky handknit cowl - scarf - neckwarmer Harbor Mist by VitalTemptation
4. Baby Elf Hat by Bumblestore


Lyudmila Klebansky said...

All the kudos for our team! You can find everything to be prepared for the fall and winter cold days :)

TonyaUtkina said...

Such a great selection of items! I love your Wednesday posts!!!

Vikulya said...

So amazing collection!

IrinaN said...

So great collection!

sexyhandmade said...

so beautiful knitted items!!

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