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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wonderful things Wednesday - Wonderful felt

Felt is a process of creating material from sheep wool and other animal fibers like camel, llama, alpaca, mohair, cashmere goat and e.t.c.

There are a lot of legends around felt on where it appeared first. It was practiced by many cultures around the world since the Iron Age. Some legends say that wool was packed once into sandals of Saint Christopher to prevent blisters and became firm under the pressure of the body weight and presence of moisture. Some old felt hats 3500 years old were found in Scandinavia. Some felted horse adornments dated back to the Bronze Age were found in the Altai Mountains of Siberia. Felted clothing was used by Asian and Mongolian warriors of Atilla the Hun and Genghis Khan. The clothing was light and comfortable, wind- and waterproof.

The most popular Russian historical felt products were Valenki. These are traditional felted boots which will keep your feet warm even at the coldest winter! They were used for centuries and long ago had served a single family for years being sometimes passed from generation to generation.

Today we have a wide variety of felt products. Some of these are scarves, slippers, purses and even jewelry and home decor items. These are getting more and more popular these days. The felt makers now can use their imaginations to make a variety of products. Sometimes the felt artist makes items that are both practical and a piece of art.

Here is our collection of wonderful felted item today - enjoy!

1. White poppy felt flower a brooch by Soroka
2. Felted Wool Baby Booties with Flower in Natural Gray Color for 6- 12 month by IraRott
3. Hand felted grey necklace city style by TonyaUtkina
4. Nuno Felted silk and wool scarf Ashes of Roses OOAK by JaneBoFelt

1. Nuno Felted Bracelet with Jasper by Jezek
2. Nuno Felted scarf wrap Rowanberry OOAK by Galafilc
3. Felted brooch red heart by SweetNumber
4. Oriental tales ... Felted slippers by Svetusha

1. Blackberry hand felting scarf by Beautyland
2. Felted Ring in lavender by Daimblond
3. Nuno Felted Scarf/neckwarmer with Brooch by SilkMagic
4. Felted floral Art scarf / necklace by VitalTemptation


Vikulya said...

Great works!So beautiful collection!Congrats to everyone!

lightkeeping said...

Oh, all these felt creations are just amazing!

IrinaN said...

Amazing collection! I'd like to have all of them!

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