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Friday, February 25, 2011

Vintage finds at AGardenCottage

I am not sure where my love to vintage and antiques came from. Probably it happened after our 3 weeks long trip to England with Rotary International Exchange. English villages are so inspiring and there is a history behind every little cottage. History and modern are going hand in hand there. You can not separate them, they are the ONE.

I came back with tons of photographs, some really old worn books, a couple of gorgeous teacups and an old teapot. That's how my collection started.

So while I am shopping for myself I am keeping my eye on something I feel someone else might like. I am always grabbing it if I can afford it.

These things are always something I'd like to have in my home. But I am realistic, there is no way I can show or store everything we are buying. Right now we are listing only about 10% of what we are buying but we need to list about half of what we buy. It is so hard to decide what to list, I like it all so much!

Vintage items are so unique. They can be hand made or factory made, we can usually spot it by our knowledge of what we buy. There is still areas we don't know much about like antique dolls, vintage clothing or old glass items. So we avoid buying them until we know more about it.
We also going to be listing a new lines of products. Right now we are offering some jewelry supplies and natural potpourries but there is also going to be a photography, some watercolor and ink paintings and some cute handcrafted items.

We try to keep our inventory assorted so many people will find something they treasure. Make sure you check us out frequently because we will be posting new items almost daily. If there is something you would like to see please let us know!


Albina M said...

Very interesting article! Thank you for sharing with us!

YanArt said...

love this theme :)
Thank you!

IrinaN said...

I love the teacup! :)

TonyaUtkina said...

So many amazing vintage finds!!! Lovely!

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