Thursday, September 11, 2014

Machine knitting, seamless sweater

Fall is here and we are all getting ready for the holiday seasons. If you love to knit and have a knitting machine, this knitted sweater might be exactly what you need to make for someone you love. Lyudmila from woolsolution made one for her shop and shared how to make it with us.
This article is NOT a pattern description and is intended to help knitters with some experience to save time and speed up knitting process.  This technique is suitable for some adult knitwear and works great for children’s sweaters, cardigans and vests. As a result the garment is seamless and provides comfortable fit.

If you have a knitting machine with a ribber attachment check the manual for tubular knitting.

Before starting the project knit a swatch and do all necessary calculations. Set up the carriage to knit fabric clockwise and use a waste yarn to cast on EON (Every Other Needle).

You will knit front when carriage  moves from right to left and back of the garment when carriage moves from left to right. Keep in mind that a row counter at the end should show required number of rows times fore for mock ribbing and times two for the rest part.  When you reach  required depth of mock rib  (Number of Rows times 4) bring all needles into work and continue knit clockwise to reach required rows for front/back.

With all mentioned above considerations  work each sleeve at a time increasing one stitch in every 8-10th row on one side.
Machine part is over. Now combine stitches on a circular needles skipping 8 or 10 (4-5 sts on both sides of the imaginary seams)  stitches in under arm area on sleeves and the body of the future sweater. Continue knitting forming raglan or round yoke and bind off at neck line.

This color schema includes stitches decrease instructions. Before start yoke make sure your number of stitches is dividable by 8 in order to get whole number of the given motif.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Giveaway results, a fabric necklace pendant from CherryGardenDolls

Congrats to the winner of our fabric lace pendant giveaway, Emma! Sveta (Cherrygardendolls) will contact you for your mailing address.
For the other participants of this giveaway Sveta is offering 20% off on their future purchases at her shop. The discount code is Cherry11 and  this offer is valid until June 15, 2014.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Decorative fabric wrist cuff/ bracelet tutorial

Spring and summer is the best time to show your pretty handmade accessories, especially the ones made of fabric, threads and cutest little buttons. Just one interesting piece might take care of the rest of your outfit!

We loved this fabric wrist cuff tutorial from Owlweaver shop on Etsy for a lovely look and detailed instructions. Yulia, the author of this project is kindly sharing the step-by-step instructions with us today.
 Materials you will need:
1. Main fabric, fusible web & backing fabric. You can dye white fabric in a coffee to get an antique/vintage look.
2. Brads, gems (stones), beads and other decoration stuff you want to see on your future bracelet.
3. Different kind of ribbons or lace - whatever your heart desires.
4. Fishing line (not necessary, you may use a simple thread – it is for beads, stones and I sew a back side with the help of fishing line)
5. Buttons and elastic cord for buttons loops, approx. 2mm wide.
6. Sewing machine, threads, needle and other sewing accessories.
7. Pencil, ruler and paper for C.

The process:
1. First, we have to make a sewing template and use it to cut a fabric. The circumference of my wrist is 16,5cm and I want my cuff to be 11,5 cm wide, so the top of a cuff it’s supposed to be not less than 22cm. The measurements of the trapezoid template I’ve used were 25.5cm(top of cuff), 19.5cm (bottom of cuff) and 12.5 cm high.
Then fuse two pieces of fabric together by ironing if the fabric is thin. Make sure you have placed the adhesive side toward the back side of the fabric. Cut the main and backing fabric using template.
2. Prepare ribbons, ruffles and lace that you are going to use as well as other accessories.

3. Work out edges of the main and back fabric with zig-zag stitch.
4. 1st "tier". Choose the widest lace, which will be placed near the wrist and ruffle it. First I tack, then sew it on a sewing machine.
5. 2nd “tier “- pinned on the top of the 1st "tier" strips of tulle (I like to use it, it good separate layers or "tiers" of lace).  
6. If you don’t have initial design just use your intuition and inspiration and everything comes up spontaneously. The next “tier” is crinkled decorative elastic band. I stitched up to the middle and then I decided to make a flower. You can do the same or just continue sewing a layers (“tiers”). It may be pieces of fabric (it looks good when you tearing fabric, don’t cut with scissors).

7. Continue decorating the foundation until you’ll receive a desire result.

Next, make a button loops (1):
2.  Attach the elastic cord on the one side of the bracelet.
3. Tack in a lining to the front side of the bracelet. Put a back side fabric a little bit lower in the direction to the lace. Stitch using machine three sides of your bracelet (except the side with the lace) .

4. Turn out the bracelet, iron it on all sides.
5. The lining part turn inside and stitch with the blind stitch with the thread or fishing line like in my case. 
6. And the final item! You have to sew buttons and, congratulation, your bracelet is ready!
Have a great summer and thank you for your attention!

Yulia has just started on her new blog so we are expecting more wonderful tutorials from her!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Giveaway, handmade fabric necklace from CherryGardenDolls

A new giveaway today! This cute handmade fabric necklace from CherryGardenDolls is great to wear during warm summer days.
It can be yours for free if you will participate in our giveaway - just follow these simple rules to enter:

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If you'd like to see more of  CherryGardenDolls   creations please visit her shop on Etsy!

This giveaway is open world wide and will run from April 22 through the May 22 and the lucky winner will be announced on May 25th, 2014.
Keep updated! Even if you do not win, you will get a personal 20% discount code for miss Cherry`s dolls!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Spring flower hoop art ribbon embroidery DIY project

Winter is still here but we are all waiting for spring. While evenings are still dark and cold why not treat yourself with pretty hoop embroidery project. Our team member, Maria from LaMariaCha shop on Etsy, stitched this flower to share with you!
To make one for yourself you will need:

White tulle 5"x5"
Off white waste canvas fabric 5"x5"
Green felt, about 1"x1"
4 " wooden hoop
Hot pink organza ribbon, about 3 yards
Embroidery floss in green and hot pink colors
Embroidery needle
Butterfly wooden button

Here is how to make this:
Mount tulle fabric evenly on a hoop, mark center of the surface and stitch seven lines (half radius) from the center of the circle as show pictures 1 and 2. Thread  a needle with the ribbon, make a knot on a long side.
Using basting stitch technique (long up and down stitch) starting from the center and moving in a spiral direction clockwise make long stitches over and under every other line(half radius). Do not pull ribbon tight, make it lose on a right size. (3,4,5,6,7,8).
Continue working in spiral way up until flower is ready. When the flower is ready, cut out flower from the tulle fabric with a ~1.5" border.
Now mount canvas on the loop. Make sure the fabric is stretched evenly with a good tension. With a green floss embroidery a flower's stem using back stitch technique.
Attach the flower using the running stitch (short up and down stitches) at the center of the canvas and the prepared green felt leaf on a side of the stem.

Make a couple of stitches in the canvas to anchor the thread where you are going to attach a cute butterfly button. Lay the button on the place and sew it in.
Enjoy your stitching!

DIY project by Maria Chaplygina (LaMariacha)
Translated by Lyudmila (woolsolution)

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Etsy school program of 2014

We are happy to announce that Etsy introduced the first Etsy School program this February.
This program should help sellers improve their shops and become more knowledgeable. Since we are working in pairs and also chatting online we get to know each other better. Isn't it a great way to communicate with your fellow team members!

Thank you to everyone who signed up for the program. Please follow our forum threads to see the progress!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Holiday gift exchange 2013

Yearly holiday gift exchange has become a tradition for our team. Last year 32 team members from 12 countries  participated in this fun event.

As usual, Albina Manning (AroundBeads) was the hostess for this event. Every participant was assigned a person to whom she (he) anonymously gives a gift. Participants also did not know from whom they will receive a present so it was a lot of fun to unwrap those packages.

Let us show you the chain of Holiday gifts of 2013!

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