Friday, January 23, 2015

Russian folklore

Russian Artists team is a group of Russian speaking artists and craftsmen scattered all over the world. We all gather here on Etsy to exchange our creative ideas, knowledge and craft making experience.

Many of our team's members items are inspired by Russian folk art. There are tales and legends, verbally transmitted through the generations over the centuries.

There are traditional Russian household items and matreshkas (nesting dolls).

And of course, there are pretty traditional folk clothing and accessories which got a modern twist with the help of our great artists.  

Russian bears are still walking through the city streets:

A cup of tea taste better when it poured from a samovar. It can easily fit a gallon of water!

The shawls and scarves are so pretty and colorful. Perfect for winter!

... so is valenki, a felted wool footwear:

Please enjoy our creations and vintage finds!

Translated by Svetlana (CherryGardenDolls)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Holiday gift exchange 2014

Yearly holiday gift exchange has become a tradition for our team. Last year 42 team members from 15 countries  participated in this fun event.

Albina Manning (AlbinasJewelry) was the hostess for this event. Every participant was assigned a person to whom she (he) anonymously gives a gift. Participants also did not know from whom they will receive a present so it was a lot of fun to unwrap those packages.
Let us show you the chain of Holiday gifts of 2014! (to enlarge the picture, click on it , right click View image)

Friday, December 19, 2014

It's time to celebrate!

Are you ready for the holidays? Did you decorate your house already?
Our team members are working hard on their Etsy shops but also finding time to make their houses beautiful. Here are some photos for you to see, along with some ideas and recipes:

Buying some new holiday ornaments became a tradition already in Yulia's family (bysiki). They love handmade and vintage toys the best.
Through the years, Yulia and her husband collected enough interesting toys to decorate a few of  holiday trees so Yulia can choose the decor style she likes this year and use the rest of her ornaments and toys to decorate the rest of the house. This is a great way to have a new holiday look every year!

Marina (softknitdreams) also lives and works in Moscow, Russia. While this winter is not too snowy there, she keeps her holiday spirit bright and knits cute warm hats for those who love to catch those white fragile snowflakes with their mouth.
We are talking of kids of all ages :)  

Galina from tobestudio knits the cutest fashion sweaters while getting ready for the Holidays.

Elena (DizArtEx) from Estonia will decorate her home with handmade stained glass snowflakes. Isn't it pretty?
Here is two lovely Christmas recipes for you from Italy to try this holiday season.
One is baccala, a traditional Christmas dish for some regions in Italy. Salted cod (baccala) baked with potatoes, vegetables and sprinkled with cheese on top, sounds really good during this cold weather, doesn't it?
For full recipe please visit Katrin's blog (katrinshine)

Warm and aromatic apple gluhwein is Milly's  (millyscolection) favorite this year. The best part, it's non-alcoholic recipe so it can be made for the whole family! Her recipe: clean and slice the apple, lemon and orange, mix it with an apple juice, cinnamon and clover. Cook on a medium heat until boils, then turn the heat off and cover. Let it stand for about 40 minutes, reheat and add some honey. Enjoy! 

It's summer in Australia right now so Sveta cherrygardendolls will also decorate her holiday tree with flowers along with traditional decor:

Here in USA we love the holidays and we love to celebrate. We are busy with our daily lives but we find time for the holidays in our hearts. So we decorate, we gather with family and friends and we love to be home for the Holidays. We love handmade decor together with store bought items. The holidays makes everything look so pretty!

Christmas in Arizona can be white or not, depends of where you live, so we decorate accordingly:
We love our Christmas trees! Albina aroundbeads makes her cute tabletop trees from beads and happily shares her technique through her shop on Etsy.

Albina and Tanya socksandmittens are getting together from time to time to exchange some ideas on jewelry and home decor:

Happy Holidays from Russian Artists Team on Etsy!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Little bit about rabbits

I was thinking recently  - why people are so fond of bunnies and even keep them as pets? And I can admit - I would like to  take care of some timid, curious and cute bunny…So – here is a few interesting facts that I have found about these animals and I would like to share with you:

In many cultures around the world the Rabbit represents the moon and consequently, death and resurrection.  Possible reasons:  A Rabbit is resembled in the markings on the Moon (body and 2 elongated ears, nocturnal life, gray / white fur.

The Rabbit or Hare is symbolically linked to the female deities, of youth, intuition, the revival of life and fertility. In African, Native American, Celtic, Buddhist, Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Hindu and Teutonic myths associated with female hare is the cycle of reproduction. As prolific animals hares and rabbits are often associated with magic and the white rabbit figurine was the mascot to get fertility and is regarded as an assistant at a difficult childbirth.

In Buddhist mythology the Hare is marked as a selfless animal, kind and able to sacrifice themselves. According to legend, a hare jumped into the fire and roasted to nourish the Buddha himself. In gratitude, the Buddha put the rabbit on the Moon.

The Hare often appears in Christian iconography. His helplessness personified people’s reliance on God.
Modern emblems exploit the sexual symbolism of the hare. As an erotic symbol the Rabbit is used, in particular, the famous American magazine for men "

bunny brooch by  BatikElena, toys and doll by CherryGardenDolls, FancyKnittles, PetsSign, ZuzuHappyToys, art print by NathingsArt, iphone case by Crafts2Love, vintage figurines by OldBox, gift tags by OPStyle, clothing by CozyHat, DariKrolika, KsyuKnitting

Story by Sveta CherryGardenDolls

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Holiday greeting Card, free printables

If you are looking for a new Holiday greeting card image, then this one might be for you. This free image is brought to you today by our team member Origa (MagicPrintableDesign).
The image is 5" by 7" (127 mm x 177 мм). You can print it on your home printer or bring it to a professional lab. You can download it here.
If you'd like to see more Holiday decorating ideas please stop by Origa's shop, there are plenty more!

Happy Holidays,
Russian Artists Team on Etsy

Monday, November 3, 2014

Australian culture, Derby style party

Every resident of Australia knows what happens on the first Tuesday of November. When the northern hemisphere of our planet is preparing to celebrate the winter Australia celebrates one of the most colorful events of the spring - the Melbourne Cup - the world famous horse races at Flemingon in Melbourne, Victoria. 
The official holiday, thousands of Melbournians with families, children and friends rush to the racetrack - bet, participate in children's parties, tastings, watch concerts and participate in contests. For women of all ages it is a special day at the racetrack, which some have prepared in advance - the Melbourne Cup is famous for fashion on the field, contests of hats and dresses, which any visitor can take part in. The Fashions on the Field were introduced specifically to attract the attention of the ladies to jumps.

For women is an unspoken rule to appear on the racetrack in the headdress - hat, flower, hair ornament or “fascinator”. 

Carnival Fashion at Flemington includes Derby Day - the most stylish and classic fashion show, which prescribes the rule to appear on the racetrack elegantly dressed in white and black color scheme. 

To participate in the Derby day celebration of fashion you don’t have to go to Australia - arrange a derby party at home. Decorate your home, invite your friends and family, asking them to come in black and white clothes, drink champagne, eat strawberries and snacks and you can even place bets on the internet! Great excitement guaranteed!

Art prints -  My Soul Fly, Re Style Graphic. Shoe clips - Katrineshine. Lady`s purse - Vasilinka store, Vintageer. Silk scarf - Mulberry Whisper. Jewelry - Diamblond, Lepun, LeeMarina. Rag doll - Cherry Garden Dolls. Clothing - Vintage Dream Box, VL studio, Milly S Collection, Marinaasta. Floral embellishment - Katya Fantasy, Belle Blooms
Story and photo collages by Sveta CherryGardenDolls

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The day at the Trento Flea Market with Milly Sorrentino

My name is Milly and I'm the owner of "Мilly S vintage & collection" (millyscollection). I have always admired antiques and collectibles and I would love to share with you the best finds that I discovered during my weekly visits to Italian flea markets, brocantes or antique shops in Italy, France and Austria.

Today I would like to show you one of my favorite places to visit, a Trento Flea Market.

Trento Flea Market is open on second Saturday each month. Market is located in the heart of the city and spreads out on several streets and in a small public garden near the main market square.

Trento is an Italian city in the Adige River valley, Trentino-Alto Adige / Südtirol/South Tirol. It is the capital of Trentino Area.

Trento is close to the mountains and forest so vintage and antique finds from wood aren't unusual in this market.

Wooden things are in fashion again and I just love this wooden telephone!

Another interesting find for the kitchen:
Trento is close to Austria and Germany, so here you can find antique and vintage items are not only from Italy but also from those countries.

There are more and more items - toys, souvenirs, vintage and retro.

I love this stand - vintage lace, linen and trivia made ​​from it, all sorts of little things women like.

Very nice, aren't they? But these are not really vintage. These are just made in vintage style "shabby chic". All handmade, natural wood, but all new

These are treasures of the seller I am well acquainted with. She calls me "the girl with spoons," because I always order "interesting spoons" from her for my store.

I'll be back here again next month and I accept orders.

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