Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Featured artist: Irene, FancyKnittles. Miniature dolls

Are you familiar with that feeling when you see something really cute, all you can say is: aaaaawh! That's how we feel when we visit FancyKnittles shop.
All miniature people, animals, flowers, vegetables, holidays ornaments and toys are crocheted by Irene, the owner of the shop who really reaches the top of cuteness in her work while keeping quality at a high level also. These little dolls are full of fancy details and, like Irene says, you will never be bored with them!
Naturally, we wanted to know more about Irene and her inspiration. Here is what she shared with us:
 Why did I choose to make miniature crochet dolls? I am a practical person. Miniature  requires less time, materials and money. 

 In reality, I love all things mini since my childhood. I knit & crochet all clothes for my dolls since I was 5 years old. Later I started making miniature toys also. 

Why did I choose to crochet a miniature? Simply because I love to do it and I do it well. I feel happy while I am having fun. No one said the dollhouse miniature have to be 100% realistic. You are a creator of your own perfect little world. Besides, when else can you feel like a Gulliver in Lilliputian!

It is still winter and the weather outside of my window is dark and gloomy right now. What do you usually do when you are bored? Watch a movie, drink hot chocolate or read a book under the blanket?

I miss the sunshine so I decided to crochet a bunch of miniature colorful hyacinths. Then, I  build a little corner garden with a little bench, a garden tools and a watering can... oh, look! Someone forgot their little hat over there!

I took a photo of my miniature garden and I got a sunny happy picture. It made me feel like spring is around the corner.

I hope my little miniature world will make someone else's world a little brighter also. Maybe, one will smile and think: spring is almost here!
Visit Irene's shop on Etsy to see more of her creations. You can also find her on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.  

Interview by Tanya (socksandmittens)

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Featured artist: Yelena, LenaMer. Boho and steampunk jewelry

Yelena from LenaMer is a great artisan jewelry designer and a silversmith from Israel. Her favorite styles are steampunk and boho.
She loves to play with shapes and textures, colors and materials. Her works are unique and inspirational and if you already own a piece made by her you will want to get another one.
It has been 4 years since we published an interview with her here on this blog  so we were interested in what's been happening since. We contacted Yelena and are happy to see that she is working hard on creating new beautiful designs.
Here is what she told us about herself and where she stands right now:
It's been four years since my last interview. I remember that time as if it was yesterday: after several years of silent watching, I finally found the courage to open my Etsy shop and share my favorite designs with this crowd of amazing and talented people obsessed with the same passion of creation and appreciating the uniqueness of handmade. It was a difficult and scary step to take, as the process of jewelry making was always very personal and intimate for me. 

It begins as an idea, or, more precisely - an echo, a shadow of a thought, that slowly forms into something more tangible and then gets transferred to a paper. Sometimes it took months for this thought to transform into a real thing. And to share something so personal is never easy. But I met a group of amazing people who were incredibly supportive and helpful. They answered my questions and gave me tons of great advice and just hugs when I needed them. I am very grateful to our wonderful Russian Artist Team! :)
Today, I feel much more comfortable with my Etsy shop. Through those years I had some ups and downs, I met a lot of talented people, began to teach once again, tried some different styles and techniques and learned more about myself. As of now, my main feeling is that only the sky is the limit, when I really want to achieve something.
Currently I keep working on my "Copper and Silver" collection. Another piece of news is that I have a brand new site. You are welcome to visit, and this is my new post about my studio:
Interview by Tanya socksandmittens

Monday, February 1, 2016

Featured artist: Anna Ryasnova, AnnaRyasnova. Felted miniature

We love our pets so we were happy to see  almost identical figurines of our dog's breeds at AnnaRyasnova shop. There are so many interesting items there. Anna, the owner of the shop, works in a needle felting technique and reached a high level in what she does.
She loves to make miniature pets figurines, especially dogs and every one of them is unique. A happy customer's reaction is what inspires her to create new figurines. She loves the challenge of working with miniatures and trying to make her work even smaller every time. What a great artistic approach!
Anna's works can be seen during Miniaturitalia Exhibition in Milan, Italy, on February 7-8, 2016 or visit her shop to see if there is anything that touches you.
Here is what Anna is telling about herself and her creative vision.

"It fills me with gratitude and pride that by today my creations have reached people from such diverse countries as the United States, Australia, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Thailand, Singapore, Israel, Bulgaria, Russia, Germany, Ireland, England, France, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Spain. I take inspiration from my three beautiful sons, from nature as a whole and the animal world in particular.
Furthermore I consider it a special honor that so many clients have trusted me with orders to portray their dearest companion animals.

I firmly believe we all can be creators of happiness, for ourselves and for others, if only we allow love and affection to guide us. Everybody can create something, so can make a difference, and help to turn our world in a better place! I hope you will enjoy my works as much as I did making them."
 Interview by Tanya agardencottage

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Featured artist: Anastasiya Prosvetova, Prosvetovaart. Acrylic painting

When you see a picture that's touching to you, you wants to know more about its creator. That what happened with us when we see the beautiful works of our team member, Anastasiya at her shop, Prosvetovaart. So we contacted her and asked to tell us a bit about herself and her artistic inspiration. Anastasiya agreed and we are happy to share her story with you, our dear readers.
 Here is her story:
My name is Anastasiya Prosvetova and I am an artists from St. Petersburgh, Russia. I paint little gentle winged creatures who leave me when they find people who love them. It was sad at first, especially when the first angels were gone but I am always happy for them. Their light images are always a part of me and my new creations.

New images are coming and staying with me. They are waiting for the right moment and showing me their story like a colorful slide show. Where they are coming from?

... The snow was softly falling on the ground this morning. Here is a new image, a new story. The pencil is begging me to pick it up. The magic is coming from daily life. You just need to look around and see the inspiration.
 When you take a thought trapped in your mind and turn it into your image it's like freeing a bird from a cage. You feel light and excited. You are  not sad about anything and you do not think about anything. The world around you is kind and beautiful.

And this is my favorite state of mind.

Interview by Tanya Socksandmittens

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Holiday gift exchange 2015

Yearly holiday gift exchange has become a tradition for our team. Last year 30 team members from 12 countries  participated in this fun event.
Albina Manning (AlbinasJewelry) was the hostess for this event. Every participant was assigned a person to whom she (he) anonymously gives a gift. Participants also did not know from whom they will receive a present so it was a lot of fun to unwrap those packages.

Let us show you the Holiday gifts of 2015! 

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A teddy world!

Last summer my friend Tatiana invited me to participate in Teddymir exhibit in St. Petersburgh, Russia. The exhibit's opening was on October 29th, 2015. It seemed so far away that I didn't even want to think about it. However by the end of summer I had a mini collection of amigurumianimals and I decided to exhibit them.

So I signed up! The organizer, Tatiana, did a lot to promote the exhibition. The whole city was awaiting the opening. It was in perfect location, at the artists street in the center next to Palace square. It was also a perfect time since the exhibition continued for the 10 days of school break.

Here are a few participating teddies:

You can choose a teddy or other toy in any style. Teddy Frida and teddy Dali:

Here is an area with large teddies. You can hug them and have your picture taken:

Here is a shelf with my toys:


Every day there were teddy workshops. Drawing, felting, clay sculpting and even teddies cupcake decor!

I fell in love with teddies so I took part in a workshop and made one tiny one too! Mine is last:

For both those visiting and taking part in the exhibition there were competitions and prizes. I took part in Tourist Teddy competition with my Lion, Monkey and the Fox and submitted some photos of my toys in well known tourist locations:

This was a great event. If you'd like, you can participate or visit the one next year!

If you are not in the area but would like to participate, your handmade toys can be submitted by mail.

Story by Natalia (PetsLair)
Translated by Nadia (LuNaViFelt)
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