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Monday, May 23, 2011

Monkey pants: make it yourself!

It is very common in Japan babies' monkey pants. An garment which have
funny gusset on bottom is designed to fit diapers.

I made this pants last year. This year I decided to modify it for fabric diaper. Fabric diapers sometimes make it difficult to fit in normal pants. You need extra space for easy fitting. So I designed a gusset to remodeled it. But it is easy, you will not need the pattern and could transform any pants you wish into monkey pants.

Here you can see the pants before the transformation:

Here is the monkey pants I have after I was done:

Iron the pants and straiten it on the table.

Fold it in half, back side inside. Smooth the folds.

Draw the curve with the help of glass. Make sure it ends in perpendicular with folds.

Cut along the line.

Unfold the pants, put it back side up. Draw another line about 1"deeper than the cut in the middle of the back seem and join it anywhere to smooth the cut.

Don't tear the piece you cut. It will look something like this:

Cut the seems away, iron pieces and place it on a paper sheet, joining the outside ends of each part. You will have space in the middle. Draw outside form making smooth joins. Mark back, front and sides.

Draw the seem allowance about 1,5cm (3/4in).

Cut the pattern of the gusset. Transfer it on fabric. The back-front mark should be in the warft direction.

Cut it.

Pin the gusset to the whole of the trousers. The back, front and side marks should be placed on the correspondent seems.

Sew it leaving 0,75cm seem allowance

Work the edge in zigzag or overlock it. Press the seem outside the gusset.
Here you have back:

..and front:

The pants is very cozy for baby wearing as well.
Important: the pants after the transformation becomes shorter!

Hope you like my idea. Happy sewing!

Story by Nata (RizalaYa)


TonyaUtkina said...

Great idea! I have never seen anything like this before! Thanks for sharing!

Katrinshine said...

Yes! Great idea!!

Natalka Pavlysh said...

Thank you!!! It's amazing! I have a problem with pants whet putting my son into the sling. Now I can deal with it!!

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